Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Some Late Night Rantings

Soooo, hope ya'll like banjo. Shout out to a friend who just showed me a song that is 4 minutes of Banjo!

Anywho shit's getting really weird in my life right now. A week or so ago my Bishop told my brother he was worried about my ecclesiastical endorsement, which for those of you who don't go to BYU is a letter from one's bishop stating they are well in the church (worthy and have good attendance) and would do well at BYU. without an endorsement you can't go to BYU. So basically I'm not going to my ward enough to get a new endorsement for next year. I go to a friends ward a lot (it meets later in the day, and I sleep through my ward a lot) but you're supposed to go to your assigned ward to count towards your endorsement. So now everyone in the ward is being super inviting and stuff which is nice but it's kinda obnoxious, and my parents found out so they're calling my brother who is apparently spying on me and getting information on what I'm doing and when. So last Sunday I slept through priesthood (my church is backwards, it goes priesthood first, sacrament last) but I woke up in time for sunday school and while I was walking there I got a super angry voice mail from me mum about how I wasn't in church. She called my brother and he told on me haha. Now I gotta be even more careful to makes sure nothing like this blog gets back to me, but at the same time I feel like my parents might understand me more if they knew I was gay.

Anyway I went and had a meeting with my bishop and we talked about life and my endorsement and stuff, and it went well. My bishop is a great guy. I scheduled another meeting with him this week where I'm going to tell him I'm gay see what he says. I'm not saying I'm trying to "overcome" being gay, but I like to hear what people think and get opinions on what to do. Plus it might help him understand why I sometimes sleep through church (I'm usually just not motivated enough to get up for church, which is why I go to my friends ward at 1pm). I love the church but sometimes it's hard to go...

Also, on a brighter note, I got a girlfriend haha. I went and visited a friend from my freshman year, and she asked about my dating life, and I told her it was non-existent and asked her about hers, which was a little lack-luster. She asked "how come we've never dated each other?" to which I had no response so she asked if I'd be her boyfriend. I was happy to say yes, so I guess I have a girlfriend now. Shortly after one of her roommates made a joke about how she turns all of her boyfriends gay, and I thought "shit she only been dating me for five minutes and I'm gay." We had a good laugh, but after her roommates went to bed I told her the truth. She was super cool about it and agreed to stay my girlfriend haha. It was a good night all in all.

So the tinder story from a while back is heating up like crazy. That's the things that's causing the most craziness in my life right now. One night when I have more time I'll defo write all about it, but it's far too late for how long that will take right now.

Also, I took down my most recent post (before this one). It was a little to serious for my taste and gave away more about me than I wanted. We'll just pretend it never happened haha.

Anywho, to close here's this:

(untitled). . This is Ado, he will only stay cairn in the car if I hold his paw.