Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Brief Moment

So occasionally I like party/dance music to get pumped for sports and stuff, and I just found this song and for some reason I love it. It's obviously a drinking song, but whatever.

Anywho so a while back I mentioned those flashes I get where I can imagine being with another man and being insanely happy. Well tonight while procrastinating I was on Facebook and some pictures came across my feed. The pictures were of a friend who is an avid mountain biker (the crazy kind where you do jumps and ride off cliffs) and he had taken his wife to an indoor biking complex and challenged her to jump a bike into a giant airbag. He yells encouraging things as she undertakes the task, and yells in joy when she does it safely. You can really feel the love he feels for her as she does the jump. It made me think about how I would feel if my significant other was undertaking a similar task. It's hard to explain because I don't really know what my significant other looked like, but it was a man, and the nervousness and excitement and love I felt as he was going to do a potentially dangerous task was amazing. It was a brief moment of total love and excitement and joy. It's hard to explain, but it's amazing. Just felt the need to get that out there.

I gotta go to bed it's getting late, just wanted to write about that experience I had today. It was pretty great.

I'll leave you with this:

I cannot find words. .


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