Saturday, January 3, 2015


Just made my blog public, and it got one view, so I made it private again. You one lucky bastard got a closer look into my life than anyone else ever has.

Anywho with crimmus break drawing to a close I'm nervous and pissed, but a little excited. I'm nervous because school is a bitch, and pissed because school is a bitch, but excited because it's easier to be gay when I'm not living with my parents haha. Also, I'm about to yolo and bust a move on the tinder story whether it turns out bad or good I don't really care (I started saying yolo ironically and I'm sad to say it stuck). I'm also nervous because I'm going to talk to the friend I just told in person, and who knows how that will go. Damn Ron Burgundy really summed up my feelings right now when he so passionately yelled "I'm in a glass case of emotion!" Oh well. I'm going to hang out with some good friends tomorrow and then I'm driving home Sunday. Hopefully I don't get pulled over again. I can't use Christmas to get me out of a ticket anymore.

I'll probably make my blog public again soon. so If you do see this let me know your feelings on my blog please. Is it good/fun to read, or am I a nutjob?

Here's my reaction if you say mean things about my blog.


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