Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I'm not a clever man...

And I can't think of proper titles for my entries but deal with it. Anywho I'm at a stage with a friend where we have been hanging out a lot lately, and sometimes talk of girls comes up and it's like I feel like we're close enough that I could tell him that maybe I don't really care about girls (I don't mind listening to him talk about girls, but I don't like having to make stuff up and be like 'oh yeah she's hot' because frankly I don't care or think that). Anywho it just sucks like this friend I have had for a while might suddenly flop and not like me or treat me different. We hang out alone a lot so it might make things awkward even though it shouldn't. I wish there was an easy way to tell people and not have it be awkward, like a greeting card type thing that's like 'Yo lil nigga I'm gay' and people get it and they're like 'oh okay cool wanna get some ice cream?' But instead it's a lot of questions and clarification, you gotta go through the whole 'I'm not attracted to you, but not because you aren't attractive but because we're friends' type of deal and it's just a hassle. So I'm thinking about doing it over text while we're on winter break so he can digest it and think about it while we're apart, but at the same time I feel like it's something that should be done face to face. It really just sucks. I'll figure it out... If anyone reads this before I let you know what happens, leave me a comment on if it's weird to come out over text/phone call, or if it's not a big deal. Is doing it in person always better?

On a less gay note, I got raped by finals. yay. But they're over right? found this picture that was titles "finals week"



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