Thursday, December 25, 2014

Murry Crimmus

It's that day of the year! Merry Christmas! I gotta sleep so Santa can drop off my presents, so this will be quick. I sent said friend an email explaining where I am and whats up (will post later). He read it the morning after I posted my last entry, and he texted me saying everything was good and it won't change anything. I did notice he quit saying gay and homo though, which is kinda sad because it was hilarious when he would. But really it's really good. When i see him in person again I'll talk to him more about it (we haven't talked about my personal stuff other than the few texts and emails) which will be nice, because it's hard over text. Reaction was good though so I'm happy. Plus i got a dope ass cow patterned footie pjs (early christmas) that I'm wearing right now and I'm comfy AF. They're kinda gay tho hahaha, but I guess if the shoe fits.....

Best Christmas Music ever you're welcome

Peace on earth, good will towards men

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